Prebuilt Functions

A complete and updated list of ready to use functions curated by the VMware Event Broker community is listed below.

Get started with our prebuilt functions

These functions are prebuilt, available in ready to deploy container and stack.yml files for you to deploy as is. Should you need to modify the functions to fit your needs, the files provided within each function folder will provide all the information you need to customize, build and deploy the function on your VMware Event Broker appliance.

Note: These functions are provided and tested to be used with the VMware Event Broker Appliance deployed with OpenFaaS as the event stream processor.


Automatically tag a VM upon a vCenter event (ex. a VM can be tagged during a poweron event)


Send VM Configuration Changes to Slack

Notify a Slack channel upon a VM configuration change event

integration notification

Disable Alarms for Host Maintenance

Disable alarm actions on a host when it has entered maintenance mode and will re-enable alarm actions on a host after it has exited maintenance mode


ESX Maximum transmission unit fixer

Remediation function which will be triggered when a VM is powered on to ensure that the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) of the VM Kernel Adapter on all ESX hosts is at least 1500

automation remediation

Datastore Usage Notification

Send an email notification when warning/error threshold is reach for Datastore Usage Alarm in vSphere


vRealize Orchestrator

Trigger vRealize Orchestrator workflow using vRO REST API

integration remediation

Echo VEBA Event

Function helps users understand the structure and data of a given vCenter Event which will be useful when creating brand new Functions.


Trigger PagerDuty incident

Trigger a PagerDuty incident upon a vCenter Event

integration notification remediation


Function allows making a single post api request to any endpoint - tested with Slack, ServiceNow and PagerDuty

automation integration notification remediation


These functions serve as an easy way to use the appliance and as an inspiration for how to write functions in different languages. If you have an idea for a function and are looking to write your own, start with our documentation here.

Check our contributing guidelines and join Team #VEBA by submitting a pull request for your function to be showcased on this list.