Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Events in the VMware SDDC

Use event-driven automation and take your vSphere Events to the next level! Easily trigger custom or pre-built actions to deliver powerful integrations within your datacenter but also across public cloud services. Integrations like Slack, Pager Duty, Service Now, etc. has never been easier before

#VEBA brings a Day Night of difference to your SDDC
Extend vCenter Actions
Extend vCenter Actions

Simplify integrations and deliver new automated capabilities to vCenter

Event-Driven Functions
Event-Driven Functions

Imagine new possibilities with functions triggered by vSphere Events.

Bring Your Own Language
Bring Your Own Language

Build functions using the language of your choice

Explore our documentation to help you get started quickly

Learn more about VMware Event Broker Appliance and its capabilities

Get started quickly with community-sourced, prebuilt functions

Deploy the appliance and prebuilt functions in under 60 minutes

#VEBA Use Cases


Enable additional notification channels such as Slack, PagerDuty, SMS, etc.


Automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency with event-driven functions powered by Knative


Consume vCenter Events using the public cloud services of your choice


Streamline operations by leveraging events to monitor and automate remediation efforts


Cut through the noise! Store some or all the events that you care about for future use


Take it a step further and learn from the past to help predict future trends or issues

Featured Functions

Infrastructure Self Service + Automatic Remediations

A complete App which enables Business Stakeholders to interact with VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and manage a VM through Slack slash commands. Additionally, enables you to handle certain crises automatically to increase your operational efficiency.

vSphere HA Event Notification Function

Automatically send an HTML formatted email notification with all VMs impacted on a host failure in an HA enabled cluster. The email contains the VM names, timestamp, and the contents of the VM notes/description field.

Automate Ticket creation for SDDC issues

Automate Ticket creation with your Incident Management system of choice when you encounter an SDDC issue - function has been tested with Slack, JIRA, ServiceDesk, ServiceNow and PagerDuty

VMware Event Broker Appliance Team

VMware Event Broker Appliance is released as open source software and provides community support through our GitHub project page. If you encounter an issue or have a question, feel free to reach out on the GitHub issues page for VMware Event Broker Appliance.

Meet and get to know Team #VEBA.

Michael Gasch
William Lam
Frankie Gold
Partheeban Kandasamy (PK)
Patrick Kremer
Robert Guske
Vladimir Velikov
Martin Dekov